Imagine having a former Fortune 100 Senior Healthcare Executive at your next leadership meeting.  What benefit would you receive from having access to someone who had direct experience driving organizational, digital and business model transformation in a fragmented industry rife with regulation?  Would you benefit from engaging with an individual who created profitable growth inside a shrinking market?  Are you struggling with key questions such as:  How do we know we are on the right path?  How do we get the entire organization on board?  How do we shift our thinking and actions to a customer mindset?  How do our metrics change in this new world?

Get a glimpse of what it means to have a seat at the executive table and lead during times of intense uncertainty.  Gain an understanding of what worked or failed and why.  Discuss how to make decisions on which activities to accelerate and which to stop.  Would a candid conversation about lessons learned and best practices help your organization move faster?

Whether you are hosting a retreat for the executive team or trying to drive change throughout the broader organization, Beth brings real-world examples of driving cultural and operational change from leadership to the front line, succeeding with innovation and creating a customer focused mindset in a highly competitive industry.  Her energetic, no nonsense style and ability to connect with her audience encourages frank dialogue and motivates leaders and employees throughout the organization to embrace, rather than fear change.

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